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Hells Gate National Park

Hells Gate National Park

✈️ Airstrip: Naivasha air strip

Train: The Kisumu Safari train
💵 Currency: Kenyan Shillings (Kes)

Weather; Warm and Tropical

🗣️ Language: English and Swahili are the national languages
⏰ Time Zone: East Africa Time (GMT+3)

How to get Hells Gate National Park

By Road: Distance: 32km from JKIA Airport via Southern bypass  and 18km from the City Center
By Air: Naivasha air strip

How to Book a Visit to Hells Gate National Park

Good news you don’t have to book in advance. Payment is done on Ecitizen

How Much Is The Entry Fee And Opening Hours?

Non-Resident Adults 26USD
Non Resident (Age 16 and below) 17USD

Kenyan Citizen and Residents Adult ksh300

Kenyan Citizen and Residents Child (Below 16years) Ksh215

Mode of Payment; Pay for your entry to any Park or Reserve via eCitizen government platform

Monday to Sunday: 6:00a.m.–6:00 p.m.

All year round including public holidays and weekends

What to take with you

Money to buy refreshments or  meals 
Also useful are: bicycle,binoculars, camera, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and a guidebook

Hells Gate National Park On Google Maps

Welcome to Hells Gate National Park, a thrilling destination nestled in the heart of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. In this blog post, we’ll unravel the reasons behind Hells Gate’s fame, provide guidance on the best time to visit, and delve into the diverse attractions found within this unique park.

Why is Hells Gate famous?

Hells Gate National Park is famous for its stunning landscapes, towering cliffs, and geothermal activity. It served as the inspiration for Disney’s “The Lion King” and offers visitors the opportunity to hike, rock climb, and bike amidst breathtaking scenery. The park’s dramatic gorges and natural hot springs add to its allure, making it a favorite among adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.

When should I visit Hells Gate?

The best time to visit Hells Gate National Park is during the dry season, which typically runs from June to September and January to February. During these months, the weather is generally pleasant, with clear skies and cooler temperatures, making outdoor activities more enjoyable. Additionally, wildlife sightings are more common as animals congregate around water sources, providing excellent opportunities for photography and wildlife viewing.

What is found in Hells Gate Naivasha?

Karibu Hells Gate, where adventure and natural wonders await at every turn! Immerse yourself in the park’s spectacular scenery, characterized by towering cliffs, water-gouged gorges, stark rock towers, and scrub-clad volcanoes. As you explore, keep an eye out for belching plumes of geothermal steam, a testament to the park’s active volcanic activity. Wildlife enthusiasts will delight in the opportunity for wildlife viewing, with the chance to spot buffalo, zebras, giraffes, and baboons roaming freely. Marvel at raptors nesting in the cliffs, or venture to the Mervyn Carnelley Raptor Hide for a closer look.

After a day of adventure, unwind in the park’s natural hot springs or pay a visit to the Olkaria Geothermal Station, where you can learn about Kenya’s renewable energy initiatives. With tourist circuits, nature trails, and even a health spa to explore, Hells Gate National Park offers something for everyone, promising an unforgettable experience in the heart of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.

Hells Gate National Park is a true gem of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, offering visitors an unforgettable blend of adventure, natural beauty, and wildlife. Whether you’re scaling its iconic cliffs, cycling through its rugged terrain, or simply admiring the scenery from afar, Hells Gate promises an experience unlike any other. So lace up your hiking boots, grab your camera, and get ready to embark on an adventure you’ll never forget in Hells Gate National Park.