Giraffe Center Nairobi

A Journey through Giraffe Center Nairobi

✈️ Airport: Jomo Kenyatta  Airport and Wilson Airport

Train:Madaraka Express train 
💵 Currency: Kenyan Shillings (Kes)

Weather; Warm and Tropical

🗣️ Language: English and Swahili are the national languages
⏰ Time Zone: East Africa Time (GMT+3)

How to get Giraffe Center

By Road: Distance: 27km from JKIA Airport and  17km from the City Center
By Air: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airports

How to Book a Visit to The Giraffe Centre

Good news you don’t have to book in advance. Walk in and make an entry fee at the gate. 

Please note that is a very popular spot for schools and tourists so it can get very busy in the afternoons

How Much Is The Entry Fee And Opening Hours?

Non-Resident Adults Kshs. 1,500 (10usd)
Non Resident (Age 3yrs-12yrs) Kshs. 750 (6usd)

Resident Adults Kshs. 400

Residents Child (Age 3yrs-12yrs) Kshs. 200

free for Children below 3yrs of Age

Open everyday of the week 9am-5pm

What to take with you

Drinking water and money
Also useful are: binoculars, camera, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and a guidebook

Giraffe Centre On Google Map

Exploring the Majestic Heights: A Journey through Nairobi's Giraffe Center

Established in the swingin’ 70s by the legendary Jock Leslie-Melville, the Giraffe Centre Nairobi isn’t just your average wildlife attraction – it’s a breeding and conservation center on a mission to save the majestic Rothschild’s giraffe from extinction. Talk about a noble cause with a whole lot of heart!

But let’s cut to the chase – the real reason you should visit the Giraffe Centre? To get up close and personal with these graceful giants, of course! Picture this: you’re standing on the viewing platform, a handful of giraffe pellets in hand, when suddenly, you feel a gentle nudge on your shoulder. You turn around and there it is – a towering Rothschild’s giraffe, reaching out its long, elegant neck to greet you. It’s a moment you’ll never forget!

But the fun doesn’t stop there – at the Giraffe Centre Nairobi, you’ll also have the chance to learn all about these endangered beauties and the conservation efforts being made to protect them. From interactive exhibits and informative talks to behind-the-scenes tours and hands-on experiences, there’s something here for animal lovers of all ages.

And hey, let’s not forget about the views! With its lush greenery and panoramic vistas of Nairobi‘s skyline in the distance, the Giraffe Centre offers the perfect backdrop for a day of outdoor adventure and exploration. Whether you’re picnicking on the lawn, strolling through the nature trails, or simply basking in the sunshine, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a giraffe-themed paradise.

So whether you’re a seasoned wildlife enthusiast or just looking for a fun day out with family and friends, the Giraffe Centre Nairobi is the place to be. So grab your camera, pack your sense of adventure, and get ready to make some memories that’ll last a lifetime – one giraffe kiss at a time! 🦒💕